Rancho Santana Case Study


Nicaraguan residential and resort getaway Rancho Santana serves as a retreat for travelers looking to visit the country’s Pacific coast. A rich combination of culture, scenic views and seaside luxury greets all visitors, but a partnership with Intelity heightened the guest experience with the addition of touchscreen tablets to all rooms and creation of a mobile app.

Stephanie Judge, Marketing & Administrative Specialist, said the technology has been incredibly useful in connecting management, property owners or renters, and guests. And response among guests and staff was incredibly positive.

“Rather than having a packet of information for guests, we allow them to download the app and everything is digital,” she said, citing a move toward going completely paperless to eliminate wasting paper and reduce high cost of printing.

“The guests really like being able to see the information and not have to come to the concierge to get it. Instead they can just pull up information right on the room tablet or their phone.”

- Stephanie Judge, Marketing & Administrative Specialist, Rancho Santana

Intelity’s guest technology allows Rancho Santana to more efficiently share and update information about onsite activities, amenities, events, pricing and marketing promotions. Resort guests and residence owners can receive important notifications without stopping by the front desk.

“With the in-room tablets and app, we have one space we can constantly keep updated and don’t constantly waste so much paper,” Stephanie said. “The guests really like being able to see the information and not have to come to the concierge to get it. Because our property is so large, it might be a drive for a guest to get to the concierge. Instead they can just pull up information right on the room tablet or their phone.”

When guests check in, a member of the staff hands them a promotional card about the app to encourage them to use it.


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Rancho Santana, Nicaragua, offers Intelity in-room and mobile hotel technology for improved guest experience and green hospitality practices

The property also utilizes the app to market to guests through built-in banner advertisements. For instance, they found the banner ads perfect to promote seasonal offerings at the spa rather than giving such an item a permanent place on the interface’s primary navigation menu.

Stephanie added, “From a sales and information perspective, it’s nice to be able to put our most important and timely things in front of them in that way.”

Rancho Santana’s staff has also benefitted in numerous ways. Receiving guest requests directly through the Request Manager module of Intelity’s back-end system tools has increased accuracy, as staff are no longer required to manually record requests. Members of staff also don’t have to field as many questions from guests about basic information that is now entirely housed on the in-room tablets and app.

The implementation of this cutting-edge technology has placed Rancho Santana in a new league of luxury. Stephanie said she recently stayed at a 5-star luxury hotel in Orlando, Florida, and had the chance to actually use Intelity’s in-room and mobile solutions as a guest.

“It was cool to see we’re in the same league as other prestigious 5-star properties as far as being progressive with technology,” she said. “It was fun to see other creative ways to use technology to improve the guest experience and see the many different ways we can use it in the future.”

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