The Power Behind the Platform


Our ICE guest service platform is not only composed of the guest-facing interface; also included are a number of tools designed specifically to facilitate all aspects of a hotel’s operational processes. Each of these enables management and staff to leverage powerful capabilities that will drive benefits beyond the guest room and into every area of the hotel.


Features Include:

Powerful integration

Security measures

Direct messaging

Full content management

Business intelligence

Built-in ticket management

Location-based marketing

Intelity Hotel System Integrations

The ICE Control System (ICS)

The ICE Control System (ICS)

The principal component of our trademark back-end system, complete with an assortment of functionalities that serve to maximize ROI and allow immediate editing of all aspects of the guest-facing interface.

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Request Manager

Track every guest request from the moment it’s placed through any of the guest-facing ICE applications through to fulfillment by staff. Use this information to improve overall service.

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Connect the ICE platform to all other back-end management systems at your hotel to streamline operational processes. Move closer to achieving your goal of digital convergence.

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