Thermostat Control

Personalize your guest’s experience by allowing them to have complete control over the room’s thermostat. Enable climate control at the push of a button.

Lighting Control

Empower your guest with the ability to choose the mood of the lighting. Edison’s lighting solutions allow your guests to have complete control of their in-room environment.

Sheers & Drapes

Allow guests to manage their environment with access to wall-mounted sheer and drapes through Edison’s room controls.

Business man using in-room tablet technology to connect to hotel staff

How It Works

Edison is a custom server developed by Intelity to manage the robust integrations between Room Control providers and Intelity’s ICE. Edison controls lighting, thermostats, drapes, privacy settings, and other elements of a guest’s comfortable room experience.

We Will Light the Way

One-time implementation, development, and/or technical fees.

  • Project Management
  • Content Build
  • Integration Configuration
  • Testing / QA
  • Training
  • Installation

Inclusive of 24×7 support and maintenance, Cloud hosting, systems monitoring, version upgrades.

  • Intelity Platform
    • ICE : Control Panel
    • Mercury : Messenger
    • MiKey: Mobile Essentials
    • Wrangler: Mobile Device Management
    • Edison: Room Control
  • Guest-Facing Solutions
    • iOS
    • Android
    • HTML5
  • 3rd Party Integrations

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