Completely Your Own

Every snowflake is unique. Use the ICE to tailor every aspect of your guest-facing interface. You can immediately make changes to images, menu items, prices, available features, and more. Welcome messages or banner advertisements can be activated to automatically play on the guest-facing application to inform, advise and promote services to guests.

Business Intelligence

Receive invaluable metrics and data that can assist your management and staff in not only monitoring guest activity on our platform but also strengthen your guest service policies. Use available analytics to send more targeted messages and marketing to your guests by category, including rate code and location. You can also see which services are most used and more business intelligence to help tailor your offerings.

Effective Resource Management

Every single request placed through our interface is viewable to you with detailed information, allowing you to assign your resources as necessary and increase efficiency on a property-wide basis. Each request can be assigned to the appropriate departments or members of staff in order to maintain a higher level of organization and accountability that can completely change the quality of your guest services.

What You Get With This Intelity Platform

Through one employee facing dashboard, ICE enables your staff with the ability to access all the modules of the Intelity platform: Request Manager, Messaging, Guest Accounts, Content control and Business Intelligence.  One single platform allows quick distribution to all or some methods of guest engagement (Mobile, Bedside and Web) yet rolls up all guest activity into one dashboard for distribution and reporting.

ICE: Request Manager + Integrations

ICE: Request Manager uses integrations to create a more efficient hotel environment.

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