Link to property-specific guest services

Loyalty program account access

Location-based technology for targeted marketing

Unite Your Brand with One App


Intelity’s ICE Multi-Property allows brands and management firms to combine an entire portfolio into one mobile app. It is easily accessible to all guests through any mobile device and allows them to be connected with either the entire brand or any individual property at any time, from anywhere in the world.

Key Features


Streamlined mobile presence

Link all property apps into one interface

Filters to facilitate property searches

Compatible with any smartphone or tablet

Loyalty program login

Reservation booking

Multiple languages

Build property-specific guest service menus

Immediate access to business intelligence

Real-time editing of content and graphics

More integrations than any other company (PMS, POS, etc.)

Download the ICE Multi-Property Product Sheet

“With ICE Multi-Property, you can provide a platform for the entire brand, while also managing and guiding the mobile identity of each individual property.”


Put Your Portfolio on ICE

ICE Multi-Property provides a solution for brands that want to facilitate the expansion of a strong mobile strategy to an entire portfolio, while still allowing individuality at the property level with customized content. Watch how two leading brands used ICE to benefit their mobile presence.


Advanced Mobile Features

This version of ICE provides all of the advanced mobile technoloiges and features available with other ICE versions, including: push notifications, location-based technology, geo-fencing, mobile-to-TV streaming, pre-arrival requests and targeted guest messaging/marketing


Minimize Investment, Maximize Returns

Why invest millions to have an R&D team try to build a platform when ours is tried and true? Working with Intelity’s team of industry experts allows you to take advantage of our cost-effective, flexible packages and still implement your own custom design