Session to discuss how hoteliers can benefit from Intelity’s ambient technology, ICEvoice

[Orlando, Fla.    April 10, 2018] — Artificial Intelligence (AI) voice command technology is infiltrating the hospitality landscape, with guests eager to enjoy its conveniences and hoteliers ready to capture new revenues and boost operational efficiencies. In two weeks, Intelity will hold a webinar titled “Say Hello to ICEvoice.” Led by Chief Sales & Marketing Officer Gregg Hopkins and Chief Technology Officer Chris Grey, the online session will discuss how guests can use voice commands for requesting services and controlling the in-room environment, and how that translates into improved operational efficiency and revenues.

The webinar will be held on Wednesday, April 25th at 1:00 p.m. EST.  To register, click here.

“We encourage all hoteliers interested in AI voice solutions to attend this event,” Hopkins said. “During this 45-minute online class, participants will be introduced to our new Amazon Alexa-powered solution, ICEvoice, and they’ll learn how ambient technology offers solutions specific to the needs of hotels. It’s sure to get people inspired to implement voice technology at their properties.”

Here’s what Webinar participants can expect:

  • Learn what integrations your hotel can employ with ICE
  • Understand how to connect, engage and service guests using ambient technology.
  • Discover best practices that will make communication with guests easier and more efficient.
  • Hear new ways that ICEvoice will generate revenue for your hotel.
  • Realize how ICEvoice will save your hotel money by creating efficient guest service.

“With ICEvoice at the forefront of technology, it will enable an easier, more accessible way to connect hoteliers to guests, thereby serving them better than ever before,” Grey said. “Hoteliers will gain an understanding of how this new technology can help solve their unique hotel problems, while providing a fun and interactive tool that will keep guests engaged with the property and wanting to come back.”

For more information about Intelity’s solutions for the hospitality industry, click here.