Control Panel

The ICE HUB Control Panel is what truly distinguishes our platform from any other digital guest service technology. It contains a set of operational tools that are included with the guest-facing interface that bridge the Intelity platform to the hotel’s back-end infrastructure.

Content Manager
Real-time Metrics
Guest Manager
Account Manager

Content Manager

Bring your brand to life with our Content Manager. Keep information about your hotel, frequently asked questions, local attractions, guest services and in-room dining menus fresh, informative, and appealing with changes that update in real-time.

Video, Text, and Imagery

Manage the appearance and content of the guest-facing interface quickly and easily.

Manage All Devices

Use one central portal to adjust content – including images, video, and copy – on all mobile devices at the push of a button.

Real-time Changes

Use the ICE HUB Control Panel to manipulate every aspect of the guest-facing interface. You can immediately make changes to images, menu items and prices, available features, and more.

Content Manager

Real-Time Metrics

What’s happening in your hotel, right now? We know that maximizing efficiency and bringing top-level guest experiences is on the top of mind for every hotelier. That’s why there is no shortage of metrics available for you to track, measure, and act on to make better business decisions.

Rich Analytics and Business Intelligence Data

Receive metrics and statistics to show performance, figures, and information to help you tailor your application to achieve desired results.

Direct Messaging and Marketing

Intelligent messaging allows targeting of both individuals and groups, with the ability to further narrow recipients using various filters such as loyalty program level or rate code.

Know Your Guests

Use available analytics to send more targeted messages and marketing to your guests by category, including rate code and location. You can also see which services are most used and more business intelligence to help tailor your offerings.

Guest Manager

Improve how your hotel manages guest pre-arrival requests and check-in offerings while enhancing your guests’ stay and optimizing your hotel operations. Guest Management can help your staff provide a memorable guest experience that brings them back to your hotel over and over.

Managing Check-in Status

View Check-in, Check-out, room number, and other guest information in one central location. Staff can manage guests directly or filter thru them using smart filters built-in to the system.

Direct Messaging and Marketing

Intelligent messaging allows targeting of both individuals and groups, with the ability to further narrow recipients using various filters such as loyalty program level or rate code.

Location-based Targeting

Use geofencing to more efficiently message and market to guests’ mobile devices, whether they are on or off property.

Account Manager

Proper staff management is vital to creating a linear, memorable guest experience. It takes an amazing team of people with critical organizational skills to keep a hotel running well. With Account Manager, you can help make your staff operations your most valuable asset.

Manage Staff Roles

Hotel management can designate edit, read-only, and restricted access to their staff for access-control.

ICE Champions

Set access-control for your ICE Champion to control content and have a standard voice throughout your company.

Filter Content

Use the Control Panel to manage hotel staff accounts and filter by User ID, Name, Email, and Role.

Account Management

Get More With ICE


Allow for the hotel’s operations team to manage, track and dispatch guest requests in real-time. Whether your staff is stationed at their desk or on-the-go, employees have access to a web or mobile app to stay connected to the centralized hub for all ticketing needs.


Mobile Dining, a component of the ICE module, was created to give your guests an out-of-room dining experience using their mobile device. It is a custom store that allows you to create a menu for your guest to access through their mobile device in any designated area on the hotel’s premises – treated to a smooth, luxury experience.


Track every order with robust metrics available to your staff, allowing them to easily modify and update the application in real-time, as well as, add lead times to each item. Guests have the ability to select modifiers and add additional notes.