In Room Dining - Breakfast Lunch and Dinner


ICE In-Room Dining provides the luxury of restaurant quality food delivered straight to your hotel room at the push of a button. Using a Bedside tablet or mobile phone, guests have all day access to a hotel’s dining menu where they can choose and customize their meal, schedule a delivery time, then place their own ticket at their convenience.

In-Room Dining works best when paired with one of our “certified” POS integration partners which enables a fully automated experience that expedites tickets without the need for additional staff interruption.

Benefits Include:

  • Ease-of-access to dining menu with around-the-clock availability
  • Increased revenue with upselling opportunities built-in to the order flow
  • Ability to update content and imagery in real-time for current and seasonal offerings
  • Reduce print costs and promote a green initiative
  • Record metrics for revenue by category, average check, dining item popularity, and more

Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner

Set menu hours to regulate when certain meals are available.

Preorder Capabilities

Allow your guests to order tomorrow’s breakfast today by using a menu that has set availability times with next day availabilities.

Customize Orders

Guests have the ability to place their own order and type in any preferences that may not be already available on the default menu.

In Room Dining - Customize your order
In-Room Dining


  1. Whether your guest wants to dine out on their balcony or in the comfort of their hotel room bed, guests have the capability to request food and beverages to be brought directly to their room without having to wait for a staff member to pick up the phone.
  2. To start ordering, guests select the “Dining Options” card located in the app. Guests can then choose “In-Room Dining” and have an extensive store to choose from.
  3. Guests select their food choice, set any specifications, select a delivery time, are prompted for an upsell opportunity, and send their order through to be fulfilled.
  4. After an order is placed, the hotel staff is notified to assign the ticket to the kitchen.
    *If a POS is in place, the order is sent directly to the kitchen to be fired.


Increase Food and Beverage Sales
In-Room Dining makes ordering food and beverages simple by putting every menu, whether they are breakfast, lunch, or dinner, available to order/pre-order at any time of the day. Upsell opportunities are built-in to the dining store to prompt guests to add things like juice or a dessert to their order.

Streamline Your Operations
Reduce the need to have staff answering calls around the clock by choosing a more efficient system to create tickets for your guests. Guests have the ability to create their own order and adding special instructions to get exactly what they would like without having to pick up the telephone.

Improve Order Accuracy
Reduce the human-error and expense of putting in the incorrect order by allowing guests to have full control over their order’s specifications. Guests are given the option of adding “special instructions” if the menu does not contain the specification that they are looking for. Once the ticket is placed, if automated with a POS, the ticket goes directly to the kitchen to be fulfilled.

Get More With ICE


Control Panel includes account management, analytics, guest marketing, and content control, as well as, a set of operational tools and a customized guest-facing interface that bridges the Intelity Platform and the hotel’s back-end infrastructure.


Allow for the hotel’s operations team to manage, track and dispatch guest requests in real-time. Whether your staff is stationed at their desk or on-the-go, employees have access to a web or mobile app to stay connected to the centralized hub for all ticketing needs.


Mobile Dining, a component of the ICE module, was created to give your guests an out-of-room dining experience using their mobile device. It is a custom store that allows you to create a menu for your guest to access through their mobile device in any designated area on the hotel’s premises – treated to a smooth, luxury experience.