With 6 billion people worldwide said to own a mobile phone, rare is the occasion that a guest heads out their hotel room without their mobile device in hand. Hotels must engage their customers where the money is: on their mobile device.

Mobile Dining, a component of the ICE module, was created to give your guests an out-of-room dining experience using their mobile device. It is a custom store that allows you to create a menu for your guest to access through their mobile device in any designated area on the hotel’s premises – treated to a smooth, luxury experience.

Benefits Include:

  • Minimal Startup costs – No special hardware required
  • All day access to the dining menu
  • Ability to make changes to your menu in real-time using ICE
  • Increase order volumes and upsells using a custom store with captivating photos
  • Custom tutorial built into the module to guide your guest through the ordering process
  • Eliminate time spent on your staff taking orders
  • Quality fulfillment – Requests begin on the consumer’s mobile device and end at a device in the hands of a staff member

Custom Stores

Create multiple stores with different menus, food and drink items, and allow for all-day ordering. For hotels integrated with HotSOS, guest’s orders go directly to ticketing and into order fulfillment.

Easy to Implement

Mobile Dining has 3 methods of determining a guests location: manual input, NFC tags, or QR codes. Each method, requires very little time and investment to start.

Cost Effective

Minimize the staff needed for your outdoor restaurant, cabana, or bar by using Mobile Dining to help manage orders that need to be placed, all the way to fulfillment and delivery.


  1.  Whether the guest may be reluctant to leave the kids unattended or enter the bar in their swimsuit, your guest will have access to the restaurant or bar directly through their smartphone. Guests have the capability to request food and beverages to be brought directly to their chairs without having to wait for a menu or a server.
  2.  To start using Mobile Dining, guests select the “Mobile Dining” card located in the app. Guests can then browse through a custom store, as well as, place and review their order at their convenience.
  3.  The guest inputs their location from one of the three given options: manually describing their location, or scanning the assigned NFC tag or QR code. If the guest needs guidance, they have the option of clicking the word ‘Help’ to view an instructive carousel of images on how to define their location in the app.
  4.  After an order is placed, the hotel staff is notified. A staff member then delivers the food to the customer at their location. ***Guests have no time limit to their dining experience. If they would like to add to their order, hours after the fact, guests can submit a new order and will be prompted to confirm that they are still at the same location.


Increase Food and Beverage Sales
Mobile Dining makes ordering food and beverages just a tap away, allowing your hotel guests to order quicker, easier and more often. Your hotel also has the ability to automatically upsell guests on each order, provide premium customization options or arrange your mobile menu to increase revenue because it is located in the powerful Intelity ICE module.

Streamline Your Operations
Your hotel can eliminate inefficient hours spent by staff trying to identify hungry guests or running back and forth to enter items at a point of sale. The Mobile Dining feature allows your staff to make the best use of their time – focusing on guest experience and satisfaction.

Improve Order Accuracy
Whether it’s scribbling down orders in a hurry or rushing through entering items into your point of sale, it’s easy for customizations and even entire menu items to get lost in the shuffle. Mobile Dining puts ordering into your customers’ hands so you can make sure you’re getting their order right every time.

mobile dining

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