ICE Request Manager is a must-have for any hotel looking to increase their efficiencies and stay on top of their operations. Request Manager allows for the hotel’s operations team to manage, track, and dispatch guest requests in real-time. Whether your staff is stationed at their desk or on-the-go, employees have access to a web or mobile app to stay connected to the centralized hub for all ticketing needs. Guest requests are instantly registered through Intelity’s Platform, offering hoteliers operational functionality and full integration into the hotel’s ticketing integration.

Benefits Include:

  • Mobile Access to ticketing requests on iOS devices
  • Web App acts as a central hub for ticket requests for use on laptops and desktops
  • Ticket statuses: New ticket, Completed ticket, Overdue ticket
  • Filter tickets by department, date, group, guest name, or room number
  • Creates efficiencies for hoteliers

Centralized Hub

Request manager takes housekeeping, maintenance, valet, and other requests and consolidates them into one centralized location.

Real-Time Updates

Easy-to-use reporting tools offer real-time monitoring to ensure premier levels of service and ease of service recovery.

Request Manager Filters


  1. Guests place an order through the Intelity interface.
  2. The request goes through ICE Request Manager and automatically creates a ticket for hotel staff.
  3. Staff can see the ticket in the centralized portal and dispatch the ticket for that guest.
  4. Once the ticket is completed, staff can come back into Request Manager and manually close a ticket or if integrated through a ticketing interface the ticket will be automatically closed.


Available on iOS devices, ReqMan is the perfect compliment to the Request Manager. With mobile access to the Request Manager interface as a mobile app, hotel staff can easily navigate through tickets while away from their computer. Using a filter to sort through tickets, staff members can get a better look at what guests need and be able to efficiently dispatch those tickets to get them resolved.

ReqMan is recommended for staff members like housekeepers or maintenance, who are consistently “on-the-go.” It allows them to stay connected, while efficiently keeping up with the tasks they need to complete.

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Control Panel includes account management, analytics, guest marketing, and content control, as well as, a set of operational tools and a customized guest-facing interface that bridges the Intelity Platform and the hotel’s back-end infrastructure.


Mobile Dining, a component of the ICE module, was created to give your guests an out-of-room dining experience using their mobile device. It is a custom store that allows you to create a menu for your guest to access through their mobile device in any designated area on the hotel’s premises – treated to a smooth, luxury experience.


Track every order with robust metrics available to your staff, allowing them to easily modify and update the application in real-time, as well as, add lead times to each item. Guests have the ability to select modifiers and add additional notes.