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How It Works

MERCURY, exclusive to Intelity, is a valuable way to communicate with your guests allowing you to provide exceptional service, faster. Using SMS or a messaging service such as Facebook, a guest can message your staff at all stages of their stay. When a text comes in from a guest, staff are immediately notified and can respond in a timely manner. Finally, your hotel is able to offer the conveniences of technology without compromising luxury service.

Your business can utilize MERCURY within and outside of the Intelity Platform. MERCURY works most effectively with the ICE HUB module incorporated into the system. In addition to messaging, you can:

  • Record analytics
  • Look up a guest by name, phone number and room number
  • Manage requests
  • Receive messaging through Facebook

Use Your Own Device

Text messaging is a natural and non-intrusive communication avenue for your staff to connect with your customers. Guests can use their own device to communicate leading to better adoption of the MERCURY solution.

Increase Guest Satisfaction

Companies surveyed identified many ways text messaging delivers better business value, as opposed to, phone calls. Companies found that they connected with their customers more effectively after text-enabling their business lines.

Minimal Investment Required

MERCURY can be used on your guest’s personal device, eliminating the added expense for companies and creating an easy-to-use communication channel for the guest.

MERCURY + Integrations

MERCURY is used to utilize applications that are already on your guest’s mobile device. Here are a list of integrations that work seamlessly with MERCURY.

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