How It Works

MiKEY includes the components of the modern mobile guest journey – Mobile Check-in, Mobile Key, and Mobile Check-out. Whether you enable “straight-to-room” options or require a stop by the front desk, MiKEY provides the tools you need to deliver mobility with the same sophistication as large brands.

MiKEY integrates with Bluetooth Low Energy locks through industry leaders DormaKaba and AssaAbloy, with additional partners coming soon.

Add Value to Mobile

Delight your guests with innovative mobile features designed to optimize their experience. Serve them on their time directly through their phones, no matter where they are.

Partnerships & Integrations

Through established relationships with the leaders in hotel keyless room entry technology, we can offer you the option of working with your choice of lock providers.

Straight-to-Room Experience

Give your guests the option to bypass the front desk entirely, alleviating demand on your staff and providing an efficient check-in and -out that can increase guest satisfaction drastically.

MiKEY + Integrations

MiKEY takes your guests mobile device and allows them to utilize mobile features for check-in, check-out, and a mobile key for their hotel room. Here is a list of integrations that work seamlessly with MiKEY.

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