The Brando Resort is a cluster of 35 private villas on the Tetiaroa atoll, Marlon Brando’s private Tahitian island. In the legacy of its namesake, the resort focuses on prioritizing the blend of luxury and environmental sustainability.

The resort decided to partner with Intelity in order to accomplish its goal of no-paper guest rooms by using the ICE (Interactive Customer Experience) guest services platform as a digital way to replace in-room service directories.

Silvio Bion, General Manager, said there’s been a significant financial savings as a result of going paper-less with ICE Bedside on tablets.

“Beyond just saving money, it’s the principle. This is a way to fulfill the mission that we’ve put in place.”

- Silvio Bion, General Manager, The Brando

For example, by integrating ICE with the PressReader app, The Brando was able to eliminate the need for printed reading materials. The integration provides guests with thousands of popular global newspapers and magazines directly through the ICE interface.

“Beyond just saving money, it’s the principle,” Bion said. “This is a way to fulfill the mission that we’ve put in place. We can change content at any time, and the guests can find anything that’s available. It’s all there, and it works.”

Guest uses of in-room tablets:

  • Finding information
  • Alarm clock functionality
  • Streaming music
  • Reading digital magazines