The Peninsula Hotels brand is known worldwide for leading innovation in hospitality technology. In 2011, brand executives were looking to reinforce this position during a multimillion-dollar renovation by introducing a new form of in-room technology that would increase guest engagement and enhance the existing hotel room telephone into a modern tool. Intelity, the company that started the hotel guest room technology revolution following the release of its ICE (Interactive Customer Experience™) guest service platform, was tapped to partner to assist in accomplishing the feat.

“Very easy to use, feature functionality is very thorough for what we want”

- Shane Izaks, General Manager, Information Technology

The system developed is still in use as the only one of its kind in the world. These bedside hotel room tablets were first installed at The Peninsula Hong Kong, and later also at The Peninsula Paris and other premiere global partners, and have delivered on the expectations set for this advanced hotel technology.

Among the features of the hotel tablets include making digital guest requests, direct and immediate communication with hotel guests without having to pick up a telephone, and full room controls. The tablets are pre-set in multiple languages, allowing guests to communicate in a way that’s comfortable to them.

Shane Izaks, Group General Manager of Information Technology at The Hongkong and Shanghai Hotels, Ltd., spoke about the success of the brand’s hotel technology and in-room tablet partnership with Intelity.

“The interface is as simple as it could be, yet puts room mastery at the bedside”

- Forbes

  1. How is bedside display [hotel tablets] working for you and your guests?

I think it’s been very interesting. We’ve now been running since about May 2012 as far as the first part of the hotel. The guests’ first reactions have been very, very good. Very easy to use, feature functionality is very thorough for what we want. I think guest perspective has been very good indeed.

  1. How is working with Intelity?

Intelity has been very, very good. I think from a support point of view and a development point of view, it’s been a very interesting process. We think that Intelity started with this [project] only in the end of 2011. We had a working product by March, and actually had the product up and running by May when [the first phase of the hotel reopened].

  1. How about Peninsula staff? How are they using it?

Again from a training point of view, having the Intelity team in, being able to train and look at what we can do in the background, it’s gone very well. As we develop everything on from when we started, I think it’s been a process of finding things out and moving on with the Intelity team, looking at what we can do from a development. It’s gone very well.

  1. Is there anything else you would like to add?

I think in general this has been a 12-month process of a lot of exultation. I think we, as far as the hotel is concerned, are very happy with where we are today. I think we’ve got, from a marketing point of view, a very good platform that’s been marketed by us internally and externally, and it’s done very well.