The Plaza Hotel in New York was the first hotel in the world to combine the iPad with ICE and in-room environmental controls.

This is what Shane Krige, The Plaza Hotel’s general manager, had to say about implementing this new technology:

“It’s just groundbreaking. ICE improves our service. It improves our efficiency. And it improves our ability to deliver – and track – five-star hotel service in real time.”

“That was the home run in this. To have it be fully integrated into our systems and to offer the guest such a range of capabilities. Because of the quality of graphic presentation on an iPad, we expect to cut our printing costs by 50 to 75 percent.”

“The ‘personal touch’ it gives us is just astonishing. And the Intelity platform for running a hotel is just superb. But for us, it’s really about improving our guest experience and service.”